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Elder Law

Elder Law

With continued advances in average life expectancy, elder law is an area of increasing legal complexity and importance. In CR&F's Elder Law practice, our attorneys assist the elderly and their loved ones in addressing estate planning, Medicaid planning, Veteran’s Benefit planning, and guardianship issues. We offer advanced asset protection planning to assist our clients in limiting the tremendous financial impact that long term care costs can inflict on retirement savings. We also offer crisis planning for clients currently facing the need to seek long term care for a loved one or a health crisis of their own, and devise strategies to ensure that our clients receive the maximum amount of available Medicaid assistance.

Millions of veterans and their families are eligible for Veterans Benefits but do not receive them. The length and complexity of the application process results in many veterans foregoing benefits for which they are otherwise eligible. At CR&F, we can guide you through the application process from start to finish. We focus on obtaining Veteran’s Aid and Attendance benefits to assist veteran’s pay for assisted living or long term care expenses. Members of our team are accredited by the Veteran’s Administration, enabling our attorneys to appear before the Veterans Affairs Department.

When a loved one no longer has the legal capacity to make independent decisions a substitute decision maker may be appointed by the court in a Guardianship proceeding. A Guardian’s authority can be broad or limited. The authority can be over the person’s financial affairs, their personal affairs, or both. At CR&F, we are experienced in advocating for the proper delegation of responsibilities and appointment of the correct representative in Guardianship proceedings. A Guardianship proceeding can be time-consuming and costly. As an alternative, we regularly make arrangements with our clients for the private delegation of legal powers, allowing our clients to choose their own legal representative without court involvement.